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Vivid Wedding Videos owner Mat Grimes holding his video camera

Mat and I first worked a wedding together in 2014. From that wedding on, Vivid Wedding Videos has been one of my favorite Cincinnati videography teams to refer. Mat is the owner of Vivid Wedding Videos. They are Cincinnati based videography team, formerly known as Vivid Plus Media.

Before I even saw the outcome of the video from that first wedding, I knew I wanted to work with Mat in the future! As I’ve said before, it’s incredibly important to have a video and photography team that work well together. Mat of Vivid Weddings is truthfully one of the easiest people to work with.

He is laid back, and captures the wedding day in a very unobtrusive way. He is relaxed and confident in his craft. I have worked countless weddings with him. I cannot remember a time I’ve seen him flustered. He brings a calm presence to the day.

Aside from his demeanor, his work speaks for itself. Vivid Wedding Videos produces wedding highlight reels that are high quality, and Mat does a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of the day.

Cincinnati Wedding Videographer, Vivid Wedding Videos camera setup
Here is a little from Mat, owner of Vivid Wedding Videos:

“I started creating videos professionally in 2009. However, I’ve always had a passion for filmmaking since I was a young kid. I have always had an interest in creating movies.

After college I started my own company creating videos for various businesses and local artists. Some of my projects included directing commercials for Pringles, Sour Patch Kids, and Leinenkugel Beer which these companies used to advertise on social media.

I liked what I was doing, however I struck a new interest when I noticed a friend creating highlight films for weddings and wanted to try it for myself. After filming my first wedding I was hooked!

Through my passion of capturing meaningful moments and film I am able to tell unique stories and make little movies every week. I love getting to know the couples that I work with and being able to tell their story through film that they can relive forever.”

Headshot on a white background of Cincinnati Videographer, Mat Grimes

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