Nothing will ruin your wedding photos or video quicker than this

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Nothing will ruin your wedding photos or video quicker than this

Ruin Your Wedding Photos

You are engaged! You just hired the photographer of your dreams and you are now thinking about a wedding videographer.

But where do you start? 

If you want the best photographs AND video of your wedding, you should start by asking your photographer or videographer that you have hired first for their recommendations.

An experienced photographer or videographer can work around most any obstacle you throw at them without them letting it ruin your wedding photos or video.

Rain or Dark Venues?
Giant Bridal Party?

No biggie.

The thing that can be the biggest obstacle for a photographer or videographer is working with a video or photography team that is inexperienced, or who is not a team player.

Photo and video teams are normally going for the same shots, so it definitely requires some give and take. Hiring two, like-minded teams, that are both invested in giving you both a wonderful gallery of wedding images and a beautiful video is the way to get the best of both worlds.

Whomever you have hired first, talk to them and seriously consider their input. The video team doesn’t want a bunch of video with a photographer in them, and your photographer doesn’t want a bunch of photos with the videographer in them. You want to hire people that are genuinely wanting you to have the best photos and video you can!

Trust that we want the best for you! We are not involved in any referral programs or “kickbacks”. The only reason I refer any vendor is because I genuinely like them, their style, and the way they treat their clients and the other vendors around them!

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