Perfect Groom Attire | Custom Suit in Cincinnati

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Perfect Groom Attire | Custom Suit in Cincinnati

Philippe Haas Bespoke Tailoring, Custom Suit, Cincinnati

Brides spend thousands of dollars on the perfect wedding dress, and hundreds more on alterations on that dress so that it fits perfectly. Grooms on the other hand, usually end up renting an ill-fitting suit, wearing shoes that came with it, and calling it a day.

Guys, hear me out on this. You deserve to look your best on the wedding day too!

If you want to take your wedding look from wearing your dad’s suit jacket to homecoming to GQ smolder, you have got to look into a custom suit on your wedding day.
Custom Suit Maker, Cincinnati, Bespoke Tailoring, Philippe Haas

I have to be honest, I didn’t know anything about how suits should fit until I met Philippe Haas Bespoke Tailoring. Before we came to his studio in downtown Cincinnati for Brian’s initial measuring for a custom suit, Philippe asked him to bring a suit he thought fit him well. We grabbed one of Brian’s suit jackets that we bought at Kohl’s (suit snobs, feel free to laugh), and I thought he looked really good.

Then Philippe started working his magic.

With a careful eye, Philippe took measurements I didn’t know existed. He put Brian into his test suit that was close to Brian’s measurements. As soon as Brian slipped the jacket from Philippe Haas Bespoke Tailoring on over his shoulders, our eyes met. We both were thinking the same thing: THIS is what a jacket should look like. I knew right then, we would not be shopping at Kohl’s for his suit jackets anymore.

When I saw how Brian’s confidence changed, I knew I had to tell you all about this option. I didn’t know custom suits were a thing for people that weren’t in Hollywood and I certainly didn’t know that it would be within our budget.

We loved Brian’s custom suit so much, and we loved our experience with Philippe Haas Bespoke Tailoring. I told Philippe that I was going to write this blog and he liked the idea so much that he said he wanted to offer a free neck tie to anyone who is buying a custom suit from him! So when you set up your meeting, be sure to mention it! 🙂 Also, send me pictures of how amazing the custom suit looks when he is done, so I can keep fan girling about how talented he is!

Go to his site to contact him! If you want to keep reading more advice, click here! 

Philippe Haas, Perfect Groom Attire, Custom Suit

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