Charleston Engagement Session

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Jenna packed up her bags, and decided to move to Charleston, South Carolina.

Her and a girl friend dipped into a dive bar for a glass of wine. When she saw Zach and his friends, Jenna laughed to her friend that she thought these guys would try to talk to them. She was right. Zach struck up a conversation with her. They next week, she went out on his boat, and the rest is history!

During their Charleston Engagement Session, I asked Jenna + Zach how he proposed and they both started laughing. Apparently, they had been walking around in downtown Charleston. After a beautiful dinner, their simple and sweet proposal happened. It was perfect for the two of them!

Now they love spending their time on the water, and playing with their adorable dogs.

I love it when couples are able to incorporate another city that is important to them.


That is why we planned a Charleston Engagement Session for Jenna + Zach!Charleston Engagement Session

Rainbow Row, Downtown Charleston
Jenna Lindeman, South Carolina Engagement
Charleston Engagement Session, Rainbow Row, Wedding Photographer
Savannah Moss, Engagement Session, Battery Park, Charleston Wedding Photographer
Charleston Wedding Photographer, SOuth Carolina Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer, South Carolina
Charleston, Downtown Charleston, Wedding Photography
Slightly North of Broad Engagement Session,

Thank you so much for a wonderful Charleston Engagement Session. Click here to see more! 

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