At-Home Family Photos in Cincinnati

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Family during at-home family photos in Cincinnati

As a Cincinnati photographer, I love at-home family photos! They’re a great opportunity to show your family in its natural element. I’m a firm believe that being at home creates the perfect relaxed, natural in family photos. It’s always special to document families I work with in the place where they make most of their memories as a family. 

Something that makes at-home family photos extra special in my eyes? Usually, these sessions are with couples and families I’ve worked with before! Whether I photographed your wedding, took previous family photos for you, or we’re meeting for the first time, you can’t go wrong with choosing to take at-home family photos!

Why Take At-Home Family Photos

The experience of taking at-home family photos is like nothing else! It’s the one space that’s truly unique to you as a family. Your home is where your babies took their first steps and said their first words. It’s the place you’ve brought home new four-legged friends and said goodbye to others. Your home is where you’ve spent some of your absolute best moments and some of your lowest moments, too. Photos in it represent all of those emotions and memories. 

In case that’s not enough to convince you, here are three more reasons I love at-home family sessions!

  1. You’ll feel the most comfortable and at ease when you’re at home! You don’t have to get everyone ready just to rush out the door and hope that you’ve remembered enough snacks and toys. Your kids will be much more relaxed, and you’ll have all of your go-to toys and activities at your fingertips just in case. This all leads to those candid photos every family loves!
  2. Like I said before, your home is the one place that’s truly yours. A location outside of the home—no matter how sentimental it is to you and your family—won’t reflect your true style and personality like your home does.
  3. There’s something about a home session that adds that touch of extra joy to the photos. As the years go by, your home will likely evolve, and you may even move to an entirely new home. Why not preserve those cherished memories of your family while you can?

From cuddling on the couch to playing in the backyard, at-home sessions offer a glimpse into your regular, everyday life. I love it when families invite me into these moments!

How to Prepare for a Family Photo Session at Home

Now, you’re probably wondering, “But, Megan, what will I need to do to prepare my home for at-home family photos?” Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with some tips. 

Start by tidying up the areas where you’d like photos taken—like your living room, your child’s nursery, or your backyard. Your space doesn’t need to be perfect, but a clean and organized space will keep the focus on you and your family. 

As you prepare for the photos, start thinking about any ways you’d like to personalize your session. If there are any parts of your home decor, such as special artwork or an heirloom blanket, don’t hesitate to let me know! These really add a personal touch to your pictures, and I’d be happy to incorporate them into the session. 

If you have pets that you want to be in some of the photos, make sure they are groomed and ready to join in the fun. Pets are some of my favorite parts of family portraits. Just like children, they also tend to behave better at home, so you’re in luck!

In the weeks leading up to your session, pay attention to the lighting in your home. We’ll want to choose a time of day when the natural light is at its best for your session. If you know you want some photos in your front or back yard, don’t forget to take a peek at those areas too. I can help with this, of course!

Last but certainly not least, just relax and enjoy the process! At-home sessions are all about the genuine moments—just know that I’ve got you covered with capturing those!

The Johnston Family’s At-Home Family Photos

I have photographed the Johnston family one other time, and I absolutely loved catching up with them again. Their home was a stunning backdrop for their at-home family photos. We hung out indoors in their gorgeous light-filled rooms before heading outside for some photos in front of their home and in their backyard. Here’s a glimpse at their fun family session!

Mom, dad and son during at-home family photos
Family on couch during at-home family photos in Cincinnati
Dad and son during at-home family photos
Mother and father during at-home family photo session
Son during at-home family photos in Cincinnati
Father and son look out the window at home
Mom kisses son during at-home family photoshoot
Family smiles during at-home family photos
Family stand on the stairs in their home during photo session
Mother and son both smile during at-home family photos
Family in their backyard during at-home family photos
Family on front porch during at-home family photo session in Cincinnati
Mom, dad, and son sit on the front porch of their home during photo session
Family plays on the front porch of their Cincinnati home
Man and woman kiss during family photos
Family smiles during at-home family photos in Cincinnati
Mother and son lay in the grass during family photo session at home
Mother spins toddler son around during at-home family photos
Toddler plays in the yard during at-home family photos in Cincinnati

Looking for more at-home family photos in Cincinnati? Have a peek at this family session! 
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