Interact During The Ceremony

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Interact During The Ceremony

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Wedding ceremonies are nerve wracking. I mean, come on. Everyone you love and care about is in one room, where their sole focus is none other than you and the cutie you are about to marry. If there was ever a time where you have a right to feel awkward, your wedding ceremony would definitely be on the list.

If you are like me, you might be worried about not tripping down the aisle, trying to focus on what the officiant is saying, having to actively remind yourself to breathe, and about 15 million other things. With all of those thoughts racing in your head, it can be easy to lose sight of what is actually happening.

More often than not, those nerves show. They show to your guests and in your pictures, especially if your wedding ceremony involves sitting. There is nothing that bums me out more than when the couple looks stiff, uncomfortable, and detached in their wedding ceremony.

But fear not, there is a simple solution – make a point to interact during the ceremony.

You don’t have to put on a front. You don’t have to grin for an hour straight. Actually, I don’t want you to do anything that feels inauthentic. If it feels right to hold hands, do it. If it feels natural to make eye contact and connect that way, do it.

Making a point to interact during the ceremony will take your mind from the racing thoughts to a calm place of remembering what the day is about – the two of you. Little shows of love and attention to your new spouse during your wedding ceremony will help you enjoy the day, calm your nerves, and make your pictures look great! Triple win!


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