When should you book your wedding photographer?

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When should you book your wedding photographer?

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When I was getting married, I remember looking up when should you book your wedding photographer. The Knot timeline suggested about 6 months before hand. Thinking about that advice now, I get a little bug eyed and twitchy. As we’re stepping into 2018, most photographers I know are either fully booked for the year, or only planning to take on a couple more.

Waiting until the last minute, or in this case, the last six months, simply isn’t an option if photography is a priority to you or if you have your heart set on a specific photographer. It’s not uncommon for us to hear from a handful of brides every year that actually reach out before they are ever engaged.

So, if that timeline isn’t accurate, when should you book your wedding photographer?

Most wedding photographers I know open their booking availability about 15-18 months in advance. They end up being booked between 12-15 months in advance.

If you are planning your wedding in peak months of May or October, you will want to book your wedding photographer as soon as you have a date. For those who are planning anytime from April through November, you goal should be closer to the 15 month mark. If you decide to plan December through March, you will probably have a bit more leeway. You can most likely start booking your wedding photographer around 12 months out!

If you are past this time frame, don’t worry! There is still time! Reach out to your favorite photographer now. If they are already booked, ask them for their recommendations for a wedding photographer with a similar style. I keep a list of photographers who’s work I love so that I can refer them for dates I’m already booked for!

Happy Planning!

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