Being a wedding photographer has given me so much life and freedom. It’s given me a flexible schedule to see the world. It’s helped me provide for my family. It’s allowed me to meet so many incredible people, and do something I love. 

 But it wasn’t always like that. 

 I had mentors. These were the people that challenged me to face my fears; my fears of failure, and my fears that I wasn’t good enough. My mentors shared their knowledge, not just about their craft, but about the way to run a successful business.  As an educator for creative entrepreneurs, I want to do for you what my mentors did for me. I want to help you tackle whatever is standing in the way of you growing your business, doing what you love, and making it profitable.

giving back


I offer one-on-one mentoring sessions where we tailor your session to be focused around you, your needs, and how to get your business where you want it to be.  

Whether you are just starting, or whether you’ve been doing this for years, a mentoring session will be the way to grow your skills and your business to the next level.  

Mentoring sessions can cover:  

Marketing & Branding
Social Media Strategies 
Developing a Client Experience 
Setting Expectations for Clients
Simplifying your Workflow 
Natural Lighting & Off Camera Flash
Posing & Getting Natural Reactions
Pricing Guidance 
Camera Basics 
Editing Style 
Film Photography

Ready to set something up? Me too!

1 Hour Video Chat

we have several options


(5) 1 Hour Video Chat Sessions

mentoring package

8 hour one-on-one in person session 
Complete with a shoot for you to practice with guidance from Megan 
Includes headshots for you! 
Lunch on Megan! 



"I want to thank you for fast tracking my goal to become a professional photographer. Through your mentoring, I improved my photo quality, decreased my editing time, marketed more effectively and attracted the "right" customers for my products. Your insight transformed my hobby into a career and I gained a friend along the way. Many thanks for sharing your expertise and friendship."


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