Trust Your Photographer

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Trust your photographer, Picture Locations, Picture locations in CincinnatiThings aren’t always as they appear.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Looks can be deceiving.

You’ve heard these phrases, but probably never thought they would apply to your wedding photographs, right? Well, maybe not your wedding photographs, as much as the location of your wedding pictures.

Trust Your Photographer

I can’t speak for other photographers, but I can tell you, I put my brides and grooms in some pretty weird spots for pictures. Places that, if they didn’t fully trust me, they probably would tell me no. 

I’m certain they probably think I am crazy when I ask them to stand in a parking lot, complete with a basketball hoop, cars, obnoxious signage. Sometimes, I catch a flash of uncertainty in their eyes when I ask them to pose in front of an old abandon building with broken glass, and “No Trespassing” signs posted everywhere. I’ve put people in bridge underpasses, waist high grass and weeds – you name it, and I’ve probably shot there!

Can I tell you something, though? I love taking an unassuming location, and transforming it with my camera. I love it when my clients totally trust my vision for a location, and are game to try a spot that maybe doesn’t look so wonderful to the naked eye.

That is why I love when my clients ask for non traditional locations for their wedding or engagement photographs. It’s no secret that I encourage couples to pass on typical parks like Ault Park, Eden Park, and Washington Park, and to go for less assuming places.

Need some help? Think of places that are special to the two of you. Where did you meet? Where was your first date? When you think outside of the box and trust your photographer for their input, we can really make some magic happen!

Trust your photographer, Picture Locations, Picture locations in Cincinnati

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