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Best Locations For Pictures – Megan Noll Photography

I get asked all of the time about where are the best locations for pictures. I know that when people ask me about where I love to shoot, they are looking for something finite, like a certain park, or a cute coffee shop.

The reality is, for me to feel creative, inspired, and excited, I need to be shooting in new spots. It’s no secret that I am totally bored with shooting in the usual parks like Eden, Ault, and Devou. They are so beautiful, but I want to make your pictures unique.

So while it may not be the answer you are looking for, I will tell you the things that I think make the best locations for pictures.

Find a location that is personal to you.

I believe that you can find beauty anywhere. I feel like it’s my job as your wedding photographer to tell the story of the two of you. How better could we do that, than if we photograph you in a location that is meaningful to your relationship? Where did you meet or where did you have your first date? Where did he propose? Is there somewhere special you all like to spend your free time? This will make your pictures personal and unique! Win/win!

Once we are at a location that has personal meaning to you, I look for clean backgrounds, consistent lighting, and beauty. In my opinion, the best locations for pictures are ones where YOU are the focus. I love shooting against white backgrounds, clean columns, and anything that looks bright, timeless, and elegant.

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My least favorite places to shoot are those that are heavily wooded. The colors of the tree’s can cause your skin tones to take a greenish tint, and no body likes that!

Okay, okay! I will tell you one of the best locations for pictures… That is an actual physical place. 🙂

If you are looking for the best location to get ready, I definitely recommend booking a room at the Renaissance Cincinnati! The rooms there are white, clean, and allow for GORGEOUS lighting! Just look at some of Ashleigh’s pictures, and you’ll see what I mean!

Best Locations For Pictures, Cincinnati, Locations for Wedding Pictures, Engagement Pictures, Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

I can’t wait to see where our shoot takes us! 🙂

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