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Okay humor me here.

I want you to picture your perfect wedding ceremony location.

For a minute, ignore what is logical, or what would please the most people and focus on your dream ceremony location. Brain storm a ceremony location that is representative of not only your aesthetic, but who you are as a couple.

Is it outside or inside? Is it on the side of mountain, on a beach, or in a church? Maybe it’s overlooking your favorite city, or in your favorite park?

Got it?

For me, that answer was always outdoor. That was my vision. I wanted sunlight, and a breeze. I wanted scenery, and beautiful flowers.

So naturally, I got married in an old, dark church.

No light, no breeze, no flowers, no scenery.

WHY DIDN’T I DO WHAT I WANTED?! I could bang my head against a wall when I ask myself this now. Not only did I not do what I wanted, I quite literally did the exact opposite.

A thousand times over, I would have taken the heat, rain, and whatever elements the temperamental weather could throw at us to have had the chance for pictures that were representative of the style that makes my creative side light up.

I have repeated that sentiment over and over this wedding season. I’ve had more outdoor ceremonies this year than I ever have, and many have been blazing hot. To my team, to the bride, to anyone that will listen to me, I have been repeating, “I’ll take a hot outdoor ceremony location everyday over something that isn’t authentic to my couple”.

I have a friend who’s parents really wanted her to do the standard Cincinnati Wedding – complete with a Catholic Church ceremony location and a ballroom reception.

There is nothing wrong with this at all. Many people do that and it’s lovely.

But for my friend, that is not her style.

She was so nervous that she would upset her mom by telling her that she wasn’t interested in getting married in a Catholic Church. When she expressed this to her mom, they collaborated on how to make the elements of a catholic service a part of their outdoor ceremony and in turn, kept everyone happy.

Now, my friend is planning her dream wedding on a beach, with her faith still very much a part of the service.

What I’m trying to say is don’t be afraid to do what you want. It’s your wedding day. Whether that means your dream Catholic Church wedding with your gorgeous cathedral veil, or saying your vows at the top of a mountain while the wind blesses you with your own Beyonce fan, you want to look back on your wedding and say “That ceremony location was perfect for us”.

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