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Mom and dad in the nursery holding their newborn

As a Cincinnati newborn photographer, lifestyle newborn photography is always special to capture. I love it when couples and families invite me into their homes for time spent observing them in their natural element! The photos and memories from lifestyle newborn photography sessions are truly priceless.

What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

Lifestyle newborn photography is when I photograph you in your home doing things you’d do on any normal day. I capture what life is like as parents of a newborn. From relaxing on the couch to rocking in the nursery to snuggling with fur babies, I’m there to showcase the fleeting moments that come and go so fast for parents of newborns.

While I will offer poses and ensure you look your best, my aim is for your session and the photos that come from it to feel natural and representative of your day-to-day life. Families that I’ve photographed rave about the relaxed nature of the sessions.

Why Choose Lifestyle Newborn Photography for Your Family?

This style of photography lends itself to natural—yet elegant— newborn photos. While you can certainly choose for the session to only be of your baby, the vast majority of my clients choose to incorporate the whole family. Lifestyle newborn sessions really tell the full story of you as a family. 

Hattie Ruth’s Lifestyle Newborn Session

I thoroughly enjoyed capturing Hattie Ruth’s lifestyle newborn session! She had the most precious floral headband and knitted bloomers, and her parents were absolutely mesmerized by her cuteness. 

Man and woman sit on bed while holding newborn
New parents smile at camera with newborn
Man and woman sit on bench while holding baby
Dad kisses newborn baby's head
Mom and dad smile at each other while sitting on bed holding newborn
Man kisses woman on forehead while she holds newborn baby
Mother kisses newborn on head
Parents sit on couch with newborn baby
Mom admires newborn baby
Man holds newborn while woman sits nearby

There’s something so magical about seeing first-time parents bond with their little ones. Have a peek at some of my favorites from Hattie Ruth’s session.

Booking Your Newborn Photographer in Cincinnati 

I like to schedule newborn sessions seven to ten days after your baby is born, so it’s best to begin planning early. That being said, don’t worry if your baby is already here and you’d still like a newborn session! The great thing about this type of session is that the timing is flexible. 

If you’re looking for a newborn photographer in Cincinnati, look no further than Megan Noll Photography! Reach out today to begin planning for your lifestyle newborn photography. 

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