How To Get The Most Images From Your Wedding Day

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How To Get The Most Images From Your Wedding Day, Wedding Blogger

To each of my wedding clients, I promise a range of 50-100 images per hour of photography. That is barring anything crazy happening.  My base collection includes 9 hours of coverage, so you are talking about a WHOLE lot of pretty delivered to your inbox about a week or two after your wedding.

Recently, an inquiring bride was asking me about the range of images. She wanted to know what kind of things affect how many pictures her and her beau would get back. Basically, she wanted to know how to get the most images on her wedding day.

My knee jerk response was to tell her that quality always trumps quantity, especially when it comes to wedding images.

And that is true. I will stand by that all day, every day. But once I thought about it a little more, I realized, a lot of things affect how many pictures are returned to you after your wedding day. The number of my estimated images returned is a large range. That is because I know that there are so many factors that affect how many pictures you get back!

So let’s dive into how to get the most images from your wedding day!

Have a healthy timeline

Obviously, if you want more pictures, you can hire your photographer for more time. Duh, right? Glad we got that cleared up. So, once you make sure you have enough time, it’s crucial to make sure you have enough time in the right places. I always laugh about this, but it’s true: You can only have so many pictures of drunk people dancing! Collaborate with your photographer to make sure they have the time where they need it, so they can give you the most images. For me, that means putting time into portraits, the getting ready time, and the reception hall before guests enter!

Do a first look

First looks directly impact the number of pictures you will get back. I tell each of my clients this, but for this blog, I actually did my homework. Looking back at weddings from this past year, when couples did a first look, they averaged 770 pictures returned to them. When there was not a first look, couples averaged 648 pictures returned. This difference is because we have less time to shoot when we are rushed to get to the ceremony.

Hire a planner

I talked about this a few weeks ago, but it’s so true. When there is a planner, there is someone there to run the errands that inevitably pop up on a wedding day. Without that planner, your photographers end up having to do a lot more than just shoot pictures. When your photographers are distracted, you will get less pictures. To get the most images, hire an experienced planner! A planner also helps to ensure you do have a healthy timeline, so those two definitely go hand in hand. In fact, having a planner was the best indicator that you’d get more images back, according to this years’ data. I returned an average of 850 images to couples that hired a planner, compared to 697 to couples that didn’t. Thats a difference of over 150 pictures!

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