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I’m so excited to share with you the story of Meredith and Chris’s wedding, which unfolded in the heart of downtown Cincinnati at the magnificent St. Xavier Church, followed by a lavish reception in the European-inspired gardens of Ault Park. As a Cincinnati wedding photographer and film enthusiast, I had the privilege of capturing their special day. Join me as we delve into this remarkable celebration and discover the magic of an Ault Park wedding.

Lytle Park Hotel Downtown Cincinnati Exterior
Wedding Invitations by Shasta Bell Calligraphy
getting ready for wedding at Lytle Park Hotel
Bridal Detail Photos
Bride in a Sarah Seven Wedding Dress in Cincinnati

Bride standing in window of Lytle Park hotel in Cincinnati before wedding
Lobby of Lytle Park with Bride by Cincinnati Wedding Photorgapher
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Groom putting on Tux Jacket before Cincinnati Wedding

Groom putting on tux from The Black Tux
Exterior Picture of St. Xavier in Downtown Cincinnati before Wedding
Groomsmen holding program for Wedding in Cincinnati
Bride and dad walking down the aisle at Cincinnati Wedding being held at St. Xavier Catholic Church
Bride and Father of the bride at ceremony at Saint Xavier
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First Kiss at Cincinnati Wedding Ceremony
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Wedding Reception with tented pavilion at ault park
Place setting by Leda Anderson of Events held dear
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Detail photos from Ault Park Wedding Reception
Bar setup at Ault Park Wedding
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Sunset pictures of the bride and groom
Sunset pictures of the bride and groom
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Bridesmaid laughing at a toast
Sunset at Ault Park Pavilion for Tented Wedding Reception
First Dance
Bride and sister share sweet moment together
Naked Karate Girls Band Packs the Dancefloor at Cincinnati Wedding
Bride and groom kissing on dancefloor
Film pictures of guests enojying dancing at wedding reception
Motion blur image of dancefloor at ault park

Meredith and Chris

Their journey began in 2012 at the University of Dayton, where their paths intertwined during the second semester of their senior year. Initially, they kept things light and casual, savoring the joys of young love. But as time passed, their connection deepened, and they decided to embark on a committed long-distance relationship after graduation.

From Distances Traveled to Cincinnati: A Place to Call Home

The couple’s love story continued to blossom despite the miles that separated them. After a year of conquering the challenges of distance, Meredith and Chris found themselves reunited in the vibrant city of Boston. Together, they embraced new adventures, forged lifelong memories, and solidified their bond. Finally, in October 2015, they decided to make Cincinnati their forever home—a city that holds a special place in their hearts.

Meredith and Chris’s love is complemented by their shared passions and their dog named Simon. In fact, they often walk Simon around the grounds of Ault Park in Cincinnati, which is one reason it was important to them to have their wedding reception there.

The Captivating Proposal: A Moment of Surprise and Elegance

In late June 2021, Chris orchestrated a proposal filled with delightful surprises. Boca, an exquisite restaurant known for its French cuisine served as the backdrop for this magical moment. As Meredith arrived, she expected a typical date night, completely unaware of the joy that awaited her. 

To her astonishment, they were seated at the coveted chef’s table, where they savored dinner, reminiscing about their journey and relishing the milestones they had conquered together. When dessert menus were presented, an unexpected turn of events took place. Suddenly, a bouquet of roses appeared, capturing Meredith’s attention. With the room abuzz with anticipation, Chris gracefully dropped to one knee, professing his love and asking for her hand in marriage.

As I reflect on Meredith and Chris’s breathtaking wedding day, I am reminded of the power of love to transcend distance, create unforgettable memories, and find solace in the beauty of shared experiences. Their journey, from their first encounter at the University of Dayton to the elegance of St. Xavier Church and the enchantment of Ault Park, speaks volumes about their unwavering commitment that surrounds them.

Setting the Scene: Ault Park, Where Dreams Come True

Nestled in the heart of Cincinnati, Ault Park stands as a testament to timeless beauty and European-inspired grandeur. Its lush gardens and picturesque vistas provide the perfect backdrop for an enchanting wedding celebration. As a Cincinnati wedding photographer, I’ve seen many beautiful wedding ceremony and reception spots, and Ault Park always tops the list of my favorite Cincinnati Wedding Venues. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to capture the precious moments of Meredith and Chris’s journey.

I would be missing a huge opportunity if I didn’t shout out the talented Wedding Planner, Leda Anderson of Events Held Dear for her part in making this wedding come to life. A seamless wedding requires the expertise of a skilled planner, and Meredith and Chris were fortunate to have the remarkable Events Held Dear team by their side. Leda’s impeccable attention to detail, creative vision, and dedication to her craft ensured that every aspect of their celebration was flawlessly executed. Her passion for curating unforgettable experiences shines through in every event she designs.

Meredith and Chris, may your love continue to bloom.

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