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Wedding Dress Shopping – Megan Noll Photography

Wedding Dress Shopping, Tips for buying a wedding dress, Megan Noll Photography

Girls, we gotta talk.

The idea of wedding dress shopping is overwhelming, right? You want a wedding dress that is timeless, but is super on trend. You’re looking for a wedding dress that is going to take your Groom’s breath away, and wow your guests. You want something that is going to flatter you but also be super comfy (and bonus if it has pockets hidden somewhere, right?).

If you were like most little girls, you might have pictured your wedding dress in your head since you were young. When you and your fiancé started talking about getting engaged, you may or may not have (but definitely did) started a Pinterest board filled with wedding dresses for inspiration.

We put a lot of pressure on this one dress. And rightfully so, how often do you drop thousands of dollars on a dress that you will wear once? What other outfit are you certain future generations of your family will see?

With so many things swirling in your head before, during, and after shopping for your wedding dress, I think we need to talk about the expectations, what is realistic, and what isn’t.

1. Find an alterations place you love

I got recommended to this “great” alterations guy…who made me cry every time I left his studio. Don’t put yourself through that – wedding planning is stressful enough! Find someone who will be realistic AND kind!

2. Have an alterations consultation before you pick out a dress that needs a major alteration

Some of the sales consultants at dress shops simply don’t know how the logistics of major alternations will work. There is nothing worst than thinking you can fix the dress from Spock-sleeves to cute cap sleeves, and being stuck with a dress you don’t love.


3. You don’t have to cry when you put on “the” dress

Don’t put that pressure on yourself! Say Yes To The Dress is great, but just because you don’t immediately have waterworks when you try it on, doesn’t mean that it is not the PERFECT dress for you!


4. You might pick out something really different than what you thought!

Be open to trying on different styles! Even if you think you will hate it, you might learn that you like a certain cut that you never thought you would! I thought for certain I would end up with a dress with a full skirt. Instead, I ended up with a dress that was fitted over my hips!


5. Bring a small number of people with you

Any dress shop will tell you this – too many cooks in the kitchen isn’t a good thing. The more people you bring, the more opinions you are inviting. When there are more opinions, you run the risk of getting talked out of the dress that you LOVE.


Now that you have read these tips on wedding dress shopping, head over to my vendor spotlight on the ladies of Hyde Park Bridal to see why I LOVE what they are doing!

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