How Much Detail Do Vendors Want?

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How much detail do vendors want? – Megan Noll Photography

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I have a few friends that are soon-to-be brides right now. One asked me about how much detail do vendors want?

“How much detail do vendors want? Do you want to know how many bridesmaids, what my colors are, and how we met? Or do you just want me to shut up and ask for pricing and availability?”

This question was a weird one for me, because I realized my answer may not be every vendor’s answer.

I can’t speak for all vendors. For me personally, I want ALL of the information. I want to know how you met, what your favorite place to eat is, and how he proposed. I want to know your color scheme, and the look you want to achieve. Tell me about what you two are passionate about, and about how many bridesmaids you are having.

I think this is so important, because I am a vendor who is particularly involved in the day.

Chances are, if I’m your photographer, you’ll spend more time with me than your groom on your wedding day. I need to know you, and I want to make sure we work well together!

When I get inquires that just say, “Can you send me your pricing?” I usually don’t book that client. I would guess my enthusiasm scares them away, but the world may never know. My favorite inquiries are the ones that really give me a taste of who you are as a couple, what you like to do for fun, what is important to you, and why you decided to reach out!

At the end of the day, if you are wanting to know how much detail do vendors want from you, I would suggest gauging it on how excited you are about them. If you are like “OH MY GOSH, I cannot stand the thought of not getting that person to be apart of my wedding!” I would show them by being invested and sharing more information. If you are just price shopping, you don’t need to write out a long, drawn out love story because you aren’t as invested in it, and you probably won’t end up going with them!

It depends on the type of vendor too. Someone who is less involved in the process, maybe doesn’t want or need as much detail as someone like your photographer.

Overall, don’t be afraid to overshare. We love love. We love marriages, and we want to get excited with you. Don’t worry about how much detail your vendors want, and just be you!

Happy planning and Head here for more tips!

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