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Contact Email for Vendors – Megan Noll Photography

This year, I have made it my mission to contact fellow vendors from the wedding we’ve worked together, to share the images that I have captured. My hope is that they can use them on their social media platforms or websites. I love documenting the hard work and craftsmanship of others in the industry, and I’m happy to share my images with them – for free!

Many times when I tell vendors I do this, they look at me skeptically. Several have mentioned under their breath “Yeah, a lot of photographers say that, but they actually never send them”, which really got me thinking – Where is this disconnect happening?

For me personally, sometimes it is all about how easy they are to get into contact with.

If you are a business owner, I want you to stop what you are doing right now, and pull up your website in another window. Answer yourself this question: How easy is it to find your contact email address? Notice I didn’t say the contact form, or phone number, or anything else – Email address.

A huge mistake I see business owners making is not having their email address easily displayed on their website.

When I am going through and sharing wedding galleries, sometimes I have upwards of 20 separate vendors to email images to. Too often, I have to go through a contact form to get in touch with the vendor. Contact forms are usually filled with questions like “What is the event date?”, “Where is the event location?”, “How did you hear about us?” – all things that are completely irrelevant to me as a vendor.

Time is precious, especially to a business owner. Unfortunately, more often than not, I won’t get around to filling out the contact form for those vendors, simply because of time constraints. It really bums me out because I want to be able to share with them images to show off their amazing work.

So if you are a vendor, wanting to make connections with other vendors in the industry, or a vendor just wishing you had more pictures to show off your talent, having a contact email address on your website may just be the answer!
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