4 Tips For Incorporating Your Puppy Into Pictures

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4 Tips For Incorporating Your Puppy Into Pictures

Incorporating Your Puppy Into Pictures, Dogs in Engagement Pictures

First of all, every dog is a puppy. If it’s ten years old, then you just have an old puppy. If you can get on board with that, and the fact that I will want to snuggle your puppy the whole session, then lets chat about incorporating your puppy into pictures!

1. Tell Your Photographer Beforehand

We have some tricks up our sleeve for getting them to cooperate during the session. Tell us before the session that you are planning on incorporating your puppy into pictures so we can plan accordingly!

2. Bring Help

We will definitely want to do some of the pictures with just the humans. To avoid tying Fido to the tree or locking her in the car, bring a trusted friend that your puppy knows and loves. This person can hold onto the dog while we shoot, and can help me get the attention of her when necessary!

3. Bring Treats

We are not above bribery to get everyone looking in the same direction! When incorporating your puppy into pictures, some of their favorite snacks can definitely go a long way to making the session smooth!

4. Have Realistic Expectations

Animals have a mind of their own. Even the most well trained dogs have days when they are distracted. Do not stress if they aren’t doing exactly what we want them to do – sometimes those make for the best pictures! When you are relaxed, your pet will sense that. If you are high strung, they can sense that too! Go into it with the mindset that we are capturing them as they are, as opposed to trying to pose them into something they aren’t!

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Incorporating Your Puppy Into Pictures, Dogs in Wedding Pictures

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