6 Tips To Be An Amazing Bridesmaid

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Tips To Be An Amazing Bridesmaid

Tips To Be An Amazing Bridesmaid

It’s a huge honor to be asked to be in a bridal party. Your friend knew she couldn’t picture marrying the love of her life without you standing next to her. You couldn’t wait to try on dresses, drink champagne, and celebrate your bestie.

To be an amazing bridesmaid isn’t just about drinking mimosa’s and getting your nails done – although those are perks most of the time! There is a lot expected of bridesmaids, some duties that are spoken and many that are unspoken.

So, what can you do to ensure you are going to be an amazing bridesmaid? These tips below should help!

1. Go to every event

That includes the engagement party, bridal showers, the bachelorette party, and obviously, the rehearsal dinner and wedding. If you want to be an amazing bridesmaid, you’ll want to be there every step of the way. If you are from out of town and unable to attend everything, have an honest chat with your bride. Find out what events are most important to her and make those!

2. Know you are going to spend money

Last week, I talked about the real cost of being a bridesmaid. Make sure you don’t let the excitement of being asked overshadow the reality of your budget. Nothing is going to bum a bride out more than her friend that is complaining about how much the dress costs, and how much the bachelorette party is.

3. Don’t complain

One of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is feeling like you have to keep everyone happy. A bride’s girl’s should be her safe spot. Be sure to keep in mind that it is her day. So, don’t mention that you hate the color of the dress, that you don’t like the place they chose for the bachelorette dinner, and don’t demand on being on your “good side” for pictures. Being positive is one thing that your bride will be so thankful for.

4. Assist on the wedding day

Many times, brides are self conscious about coming off as “demanding”, so they don’t ask for help on the wedding day. The best bridesmaids listen to what the bride is saying, and find ways to help without her having to ask. If the bride says, “Oh, shoot. My dress is dragging,” that is bride-code for “Will someone help me carry my dress?” Don’t be shy to jump into action. Listening and being attentive will help you to be an amazing bridesmaid.

5. Avoid comparisons

If you catch yourself starting a phrase with “Well, when I got married” or “When so-and-so got married”, think hard about what is going to follow. Unless you are using that comparison to make a point about how great everything about her wedding is, please reconsider. Brides aren’t wanting to be compared to someone else on their wedding day, and being careful to avoid those phrases will go a long way!

6. Start the party

Do not be afraid to get the party started. When open dancing is announced, get out on the dance floor, bring your date and a few other bridesmaids, and start cutting a rug. No guest wants to be the first one on the dance floor, so bridesmaids really have a chance to set the tone for the evening!



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