Should You Plan a Non-Saturday Wedding Day?

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Non-Saturday Wedding Day

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There are many reasons you might look for a non-Saturday wedding day.

Maybe you are eyeing a super popular venue that books out two years in advance, like The Monastery, or maybe you are looking to save a little bit of cash by picking a non-Saturday wedding day. Whatever your reason’s, let’s chat about the pro’s and con’s to picking a non-Saturday wedding day!


Fridays are definitely the next most popular day to have a wedding, after Saturdays. Mainly, because of the fact that most people don’t have to go to work the next day. The con’s to having your wedding on a Friday are that you have to start things a bit later so that people can get off work in time to be there. But, if you are looking for a fun dance party, and want your guests to enjoy that open bar you are paying for, Friday is the way to go!


Sunday weddings are very popular in the Jewish community because Saturday is considered their Sabbath. In my experience, Sunday weddings are a bit more challenging if the super fun dance party is your vision for your reception. Most people have that 6:00 am wake up time for work looming in the back of their mind, and will opt to end the night early.

Monday – Thursday

Weekdays are definitely the biggest money savers. If you are “ballin’ on a budget”, tying the knot on a Monday through Thursday is going to be the way to get the most out of your dollar. Most venues have a “corporate rate” that will be significantly cheaper than their weekend rate, simply because those days aren’t as popular, and there are more of them. The reason most people don’t go with this as an option is because you will be fighting against both work schedules of your guests both before and after.

Please note that not all vendors offer non-Saturday wedding day discounts. In fact, many vendors that limit their availability, don’t offer any type of discount. For me, I don’t offer any kind of Friday or Sunday discount because I only take on a certain number of weddings per year, regardless of the day.

Happy Planning!

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