The Dirty Little Secret About Weddings

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Dirty Little Secret About Weddings, Dirty Wedding Dress

Wanna hear a dirty little secret about weddings?

I want to tell you about a conversation that inevitably happens on every wedding day. It happened on mine, and it is almost guaranteed that it will happen at yours too.

“Oh my gosh,” the bride will exclaim. Her eyes are wide with fear as panic sets in, “My dress is dirty!”

I remember, when I had that moment of distress, how my thoughts raced. Would my guests be able to see it from the alter? Would it distract from the day? Most importantly, was it going to show in the pictures?

I wasn’t quick to believe my photographer when she told me that everyone’s dress looks like that underneath. It’s a dirty little secret about weddings. She calmly assured me that every bride has a less-than-white, or, in my case, BLACK bottom of their dress.

I don’t know why it shocked me to see that my floor-length, WHITE gown was not completely white when I looked under it, but it did. I am here to report, my photographer was right. It was not visible to our guests, and it didn’t show in the pictures.

I wanted to share this dirty little secret about weddings so you could prepare yourself for it on the wedding day. We are going to make sure we take good care of your dress. We won’t trek you through a swampy, muddy creek unless you are down for that. Even with all of the care in the world, your dress still won’t be perfectly white by the end of the wedding day.

And that is okay! Consider it a rite of passage. and we’ll keep it our dirty little secret! 🙂


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