Should You Make Your Own Wedding Album

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Should you make your own wedding album?

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Should you make your own wedding album?

Wedding albums are a must. I’ve written about it before, but I truly believe that wedding albums are the way to ensure your wedding pictures live a full life. Your wedding photography is an investment, and it makes me cringe to think many people never do anything with theirs aside from leaving it on a USB in a drawer somewhere.

I always ask my couples, “Which pictures are going to hang on your wall?”. The answer is usually the pictures of the bride and groom together, and maybe some family pictures.

So what happens to the rest?

Usually, I get crickets. Those pictures that were carefully crafted and curated. The pictures of your mom helping you into your dress, and your grandma getting down on the dance floor – all left lonely on a USB.

When my couples opt for albums, I know that they are creating a family heirloom that their children and grand children will flip through one day. But even the people that do value wedding albums, can be tempted to cut corners to save money. When trying to evaluate where your budget can be trimmed, do not be tempted to make your own wedding album.

I get a lot of great questions about albums.

“Can I make my own wedding album?”
“Why should we print the album through you?
“What is the difference between the albums you give verses shutterfly”
“Do you think I can just make my wedding album myself to save money”

Whenever I get a question a few times, I try to do a blog on it. I figure, if multiple people have the question, my couples probably have that question as well! So here we go, I’m going to tell you why you should forgo trying to make your own wedding album and hire your photographer to make it for you.

1. Superior Quality

Photographers work with specific labs that do not sell to the public. You have to have a legitimate photography website that is evaluated before they will allow you to use their services to print. These printers are high quality and calibrated to ensure the colors look the way the photographer intended them too. This alone should be enough to convince you that you shouldn’t make your own wedding album. From the leather cover, to the thick pages, and flawless print, you simply cannot compare a photographers wedding album to something you can buy on shutterfly.

2. It’ll get done

When you have paid a professional to do something, it gets done. I have had so many clients come back to me after years of them telling themselves that they would get around to making their own wedding album because life happens and they never got around to it. When they purchase an album through me, most of the time, they have a design to them within the week!

3. Saving the stress of design

Of the people that come back to me to have an album made, some of them just got decision anxiety. When you are trying to make your own wedding album, it is really difficult to make sure everything is lined up right, and things look clean and elegant. When your photographer is shooting, they are shooting with your wedding album in mind. They are already piecing together what pictures go well together to tell your story in a cohesive and beautiful way. It is so much easier for you to say “I want to change that picture” verses trying to bring to life an entire book of pictures.

4. Guarantee

Sometimes things don’t print right. Maybe a picture you thought was in focus is actually out of focus, or your bridesmaids head got cut off in a spread. Because I work closely with those professional labs, those are issues you won’t have to deal with. I guarantee the quality of the wedding albums I provide to my clients, and that takes so much stress off their shoulders!



So, instead of trying to make your own wedding album, save yourself the stress, and get yourself a quality wedding album with a guarantee! To learn more about why wedding albums are important, click here!

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