Hearing Crickets

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Hearing Crickets | Megan Noll Photography

Dear Megan, 

I need some advice. What do you do when you deliver a gallery, and end up hearing crickets? It makes me so nervous when I never hear anything back! Do you send a follow-up email? Do you just let it go? It makes me so paranoid! Help! 


Hearing Crickets 

Dear Hearing Crickets,

Girl, I feel you. There are few things more nerve wracking than pouring your heart and soul into a project, and hearing crickets from your clients. I actually just wrote an open letter to my couples addressing the exact topic. You can read it here.

It’s easy to let your mind wander into worrisome territories. I know how fast your train of thought can quickly derail into lies that beckon you to question the quality of your work, and the experience you gave them. But before you go down that road, take a step back and put yourself in your clients shoes.

If it’s a wedding client, they probably are drowning in writing thank you cards. They might have moved into a new house. Maybe they are just are spending that time soaking in married life. More over, think of all of the vendors that played apart in their day. A baker, A florist, A DJ, An officiant, a videographer…the list goes on and on. They may not think to message each one.

So all of that is to day this: assume the best. If I am hearing crickets after I send a final gallery, I assume that no news is good news. I try not to let it bother me, because I am confident in the experience I give my clients and the product I return. I am also confident because I work hard to build trust in my relationship with each of my clients.

Another thing that gives me confidence not to send follow-up emails, is that I’m friends with most of my clients on social media. If they are posting and tagging and sharing, I have a pretty good idea that they do love their pictures, and that they probably are just too busy to message me.

Honestly, I don’t want some forced thank you as a response to a follow-up email. I want the authentic OMG-WE-LOVE-THEM-AND-WE-BOTH-CRIED-LOOKING-THROUGH-THEM-THANK-YOU-SO-MUCH emails, because they couldn’t wait to send it. Some people aren’t as gushy as I am, and that is okay! I hope if I don’t hear from them, it’s because they are rushing out to get frames to hang these new treasures on their walls.

So, the next time you are hearing crickets from a client, take a deep breath, remind yourself of how crazy weddings are, and rest in knowing that you gave them your best.

Keep your head up and keep being awesome!



Mimosa Bar, hearing crickets from clients after sending gallery of pictures

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