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Engagement Session In Paris – Megan Noll Photography


Since her birthday is just a few days before Halloween, Kari loves getting decked out in handmade costumes! She rushed home on her birthday, quickly changing into her favorite pair of pajama’s to put the finishing touches on her outfit. John tried everything he could think of to get her into “real” clothes as he eyed the birthday present he had carefully wrapped – the most perfect engagement ring. After she opened her first few gifts, she was sure the last small box contained a pair of earrings she’d been wanting. Instead she was floored when John asked her to be his wife – tie died PJ’s and all!

It all started in Oxford, Ohio.

It was their senior year, and they had a friend that set them up. They met at Skipper’s Top Deck Bar, and hit it off immediately. They actually had a follow up date the next week. John was a college athlete, and asked her to attend his track and field semi-formal with him almost right away! It wasn’t long after that, they became “official”.

When Kari suggested shooting their engagement session in Paris, I couldn’t believe it.

“Uhm, of COURSE I would love to shoot your engagement session in Paris.”

So, with that, Kari and John booked their flights to spend the weekend abroad. It was John’s first time in Paris, but Kari had studied abroad in Europe, right near the boarder of France. It was so special for her to shoot her engagement session in Paris.

Since we shot their engagement session in Paris, we decided we had to take the opportunity to shoot in places that are classically Paris: the Eiffel Tour, and then to the Louvre. Because we knew the sites would be packed with tourists, we opted for a sunrise engagement session. Any couple who is not only willing to fly across the world, but then also will wake up before the sunrise to get the best pictures is DEFINITELY my kind of couple!

Kari and John’s wedding is set for November 11th of this year, and I can’t wait!
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Want to shoot your engagement session in Paris? Or do you have somewhere else in mind? Reach out!

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