Cincinnati Elopement at Family Home

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Shelley Fortune Couple Dipping in front of parents home for Cincinnati Elopement

“Lilly and Nick’s love is more powerful even than a once-in-a-century, global pandemic,” Her father said and he was right!

Lilly and Nick met when she was in school at The University of Kentucky and Nick happened to be in town visiting his parents in his off-season from playing baseball professionally.

With Kentucky being central to their love story, a Lexington Wedding just made sense for Lilly and Nick. Originally, they had envisioned a Keeneland Wedding.

When the pandemic struck, a quick pivot was made with the help of Sara Must at Shelly Fortune Event Design. With a smaller guest list, the new plan was to turn this Kentucky Wedding to a Cincinnati Elopement at her parents home in Mount Lookout.

With all sincerity, no one would have ever guessed that this Cincinnati Elopement was their Plan B. It was exceptional and exactly what anyone would have hoped for their Plan A. This is a huge credit to the Shelly Fortune team and to Marti Heard Designs.

No one could have ever guessed a Cincinnati Elopement wasn’t the original plan because of how perfectly it was executed!

Lilly is the first of the Rohde children to wed. As the baby of the family, her free-spirit and incredible ability to connect quickly and earnestly with everyone she meets makes you fall in love with her. She took the time to write the most thoughtful notes to everyone involved with the wedding, leaving everyone in tears as you’ll see below!

Nick is so endearing and has an unbelievable story. From living in New Zealand, to making his childhood dreams of being in the MLB come true, he is not short on surprises. One such surprise that was revealed during Mr. Rohde’s toast was that Nick has an incredible way with words, and is unapologetically romantic. The letter he gave Lilly’s dad had everyone at the reception in awe, and it sounded straight out of a movie.
In retrospect, Nick being the sweetest romantic should have been obvious when he teared up at his gorgeous bride walking down the aisle toward him at Christ The King Church in Mount Lookout.

Marti Heard was a crucial part of this Cincinnati Elopement as she really transformed The Rohde’s home with her floral creations.

Poeme Wedding Invitations Custom Made in Cincinnati with Floral Design
Mother helping bride into dress at Lytle Park Hotel in Cincinnati
Bride and Mother sharing special moment at Lytle Park Hotel in Cincinnati
Bride holding Jo Malone Perfume on Wedding day
Bride putting on earrings for wedding day
Groom getting ready on wedding day
Straightening Tie detail shot
Bride giving gift to sister who was her maid of honor in her Cincinnati Elopement
First look with father of the bride with his gift from bride
Bride reading note from groom

Christ The King Church in Mount Lookout Wedding
Nick Maronde seeing Lilly Rohde for the first time in their Cincinnati Elopement
Blonde Bride at Christ The King Church in Cincinnati
Just as a quick side note, Christ The King Church in Cincinnati was one of THE MOST pleasant churches to work with from a photography standpoint! The priest there was so kind, accommodating, and really wanted to help me get great pictures, which is such a refreshing thing as a Cincinnati wedding photographer!
Bride and Groom looking at each other in their catholic wedding Ceremony
Bride and Groom exchanging rings at Christ The King Church in Cincinnati
First Kiss at Cincinnati Elopement
Cincinnati Elopement at Parents Home in Mount Lookout for Lilly and Nick
Bridesmaids in front of parents home in their black dresses
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen in front of venue for Cincinnati Elopement
Bridal Party wearing all black taken by Cincinnati Wedding Photographer Megan Noll
Bride and groom dipping in front of floral arch by Marti Heard Designs

Shelley Fortune Bride and groom portaits in Kentucky Wedding
Lexington Kentucky Wedding Photographer takes photos of Bride and Groom
Cincinnati Elopement at Parents home in Mount Lookout with Florals by Marti Heard Designs and Shelley Fortune events
centerpieces for family home Cincinnati Wedding
Wedding Reception at Family home in Cincinnati
Wedding Reception at Family home in Cincinnati
Bride and Groom at Reception Set Up Designed by Shelley Fortune Events
Outdoor Seating arrangement for Cincinnati elopement at Parent's home
Lilly and Nick being announced to their wedding reception
Father of the Bride giving toast in Kentucky Wedding
Bride reacting to a touching father of the bride toast
Toasts at Cincinnati Wedding in September
Wedding Guest reactions to toasts
Bride and Groom posing at their Cincinnati Wedding on white dance floor with large intials
Outdoor first dance at wedding in Cincinnati
Outdoor first dance at wedding in Cincinnati
Father daughter dance in Cincinnati Elopement
Father daughter dance in Cincinnati Elopement

One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen was that Lilly and Nick hired a live painter to do a custom art piece in the middle of the reception! It was the sweetest thing!
Custom live painting of wedding reception in Cincinnati
The Sly Band packs the dance floor for Cincinnati Wedding at Parents Home
Bride Dancing to The Sly Band in Kentucky Wedding
Father of the bride and daughter dancing at Cincinnati Wedding
Family home of the bride in Mount Lookout serves at the perfect venue for Cincinnati Elopement

A HUGE thank you to each of the vendors that made this Cincinnati Elopement so incredible!

Venue: Christ The King Church
Reception: Family Home
Planner: Sara Must, Shelly Fortune Events
Florals: Marti Heard Design
Video: Reel Special
Invitations: Poeme
Second Shooter: Leah Barry
Hair Stylist: Jordan Higgins
Makeup: Brideface
Caterer: Funky’s
Bakers: Tinkers Lexington
Band: Sly Band
Dress Shop: Lovely Bride
Dress Designer: Sarah Seven
Rentals: All Occasions

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  1. Ryan Worthen says:

    Truly amazing work, Megan! It was such a joy working alongside you to capture the day! I hope we can do it again in the future!

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