The Cost Of Being A Bridesmaid

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The Cost Of Being A Bridesmaid

The Cost Of Being A Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is no joke! Getting to stand next to one of your closest friends as she marries the love of her life is quite the honor. It can also come at quite the expense, if you aren’t prepared.

Money is never comfortable to talk about, so it can be hard to know what you are getting into financially. What are bridesmaids expected to pay for? What does the couple usually cover? Who pays for what? What is the cost of being a bridesmaid?

Bridesmaids are expected to cover:

Their Outfit
The dress, shoes, jewelry, and alterations are part of the cost of being a bridesmaid.

The Shower
Bridesmaids all typically pitch in for the cost of the shower. From decorations to desserts – that afternoon is on the shoulders of her chosen few bridesmaids.

The Bachelorette Party
Whether you are going out to a winery for the day or planning a fun night on the town, bridesmaids should expect to pay for the cost of attending the bride’s last single night.

If you are from out of town, make sure to calculate the cost of travel and accommodations into your budget.


The Bride Should Cover:

Bridesmaids bouquets are always covered by the bride as a part of her total flower cost.

Transportation on the wedding day
Be it party bus or limousine, it’s the brides job to see to it that her attendants have transportation to photo locations, the ceremony, and reception!

Makeup and Hair
If the bride is requiring that hair and make up be done professionally, it is expected for her to cover this cost. If she gives the bridesmaids the option, she may choose to opt out of paying for this.



Do you agree? Disagree? Did you do something different at your wedding or your friends wedding? I want to hear about it below!

I also referenced this article when I was writing this! 🙂

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