My grandmother was a classic, prim and proper woman, who wouldn’t be caught displaying behavior less-than-ladylike. I never met my grandfather, but my mom says that when my grandmother was around him, she was a different person. He was the person could make her giggle. He was the one who could make her grin, even when she was mad. He was the laid back, easy going, take-life-as-it-comes attitude, and brought that into my grandmothers life.  

This picture, though old and worn, is a glimpse of their relationship that I never got to personally experience. His life was taken much too early, but through this picture, I can imagine the twinkle in his eye, that so many people have told me about. I can hear him making her laugh, melting away any worries of the day. I can almost hear him saying,

“Oh Rose, Don’t you snap those blue eye’s at me”, and picking her up. I see my grandmother as a giddy young woman hugging the love of her life.”

This picture is what I strive to give each of my clients. I want to preserve a moment in time that future generations will look back on, and through it, feel connected to a time much before their own. I want to tell the story of your relationship: authentically, timelessly, and elegantly. 

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