my travel

Key West | January 10-17
Washington D.C. | FeBruary 25-28
Marco Island | March 10-19
Riviera Maya | April 7-13
San Antonio | April 30-May 4
Charleston | May 8-9 
OUter Banks | June 23-29 
Hilton Head | July 21-27

I am a wanderer at heart. I have said it before and I will say it again – I’m not off one trip before I am planning my next one.

The more I shoot outside of Cincinnati, the more creative I feel. There is something refreshing about seeing a city from a tourist’s view. It’s hard to imagine myself being anymore excited about my job than I am everyday, but adding traveling to the mix definitely does it.

Even though I have been apart of weddings and engagement sessions in places like Paris, Key West, Cancun, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Chicago, New York, Austin, Phoenix, Nashville, Charleston, Maine, and Indianapolis, I still want to do more! I want to see the world with my camera in hand. I want to capture love in all the places I go.

I am a big believer that you have to talk about your dreams for them to come true. Not only does talking about your aspirations allow the people around you to encourage you to pursue them, but it also utilizes your network.

So far, I have been proved right! After a single post to Instagram about my upcoming travel plans, I have been able to make travel a huge part of my business, and have been lucky enough to shoot internationally. If you know me, you know how happy that makes me. Like, grinning-like-a-fool happy.

I wanted to post my travel plans here, in hopes that if any of you are out of town, or knows of someone who is, we can set something up!