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Makeup By Elizabeth – Megan Noll photography

Makeup By Elizabeth, Wedding Makeup, Cincinnati Makeup Artists
Makeup By Elizabeth, Wedding Makeup, Cincinnati Makeup Artists

If I’m being honest, when I was looking for a makeup artist for my wedding, I didn’t have high hopes for finding someone that I loved. It’s not that I’m picky, I just don’t wear a lot of it normally, so whenever I had on makeup, it just felt…well…awkward.

I googled and googled, and at the end of the day, I chose to call Makeup By Elizabeth. Little did I know that call would be the beginning of a friendship, and my go-to referral for makeup.

I still remember the feeling I had after my trial run. I wanted to go out. I wanted to take selfies. I wanted to run into ex-boyfriends, and let them think I looked this good all the time.

And that is totally not like me. But I felt GORGEOUS.

Makeup By Elizabeth, Makeup Trial Run, Cincinnati Makeup Artists

Unlike any other time I had my makeup done, Elizabeth worked with my features – highlighting the good and downplaying the less desirable. I still looked like myself, just the airbrushed goddess version of myself. You know how people will compliment you by saying you are “glowing”? I was.

All of those feelings were there again, when she did my makeup on my wedding day, but this time, I had something to add to my list of compliments toward her services – the longevity of the makeup.

Makeup By Elizabeth, Wedding Makeup, Cincinnati Makeup Artists

On my wedding day, it rained. I cried. I worked up a sweat on the dance floor. Never once did my makeup fail. Shoot, I even slept in it and it still looked good the next morning!

Because my experience with Elizabeth was so wonderful, it’s no shock that I refer her to my brides. I asked Liz to tell you a little more about herself! 🙂

Makeup By Elizabeth, Wedding Makeup, Cincinnati Makeup Artists

My earliest memories of playing with makeup are from when I was a kid and would play with my father’s makeup kit. I know that may sound strange, but my father is an actor and always had fun costumes and makeup to play with at the house. Once, when I was around 8 years old, when I was hanging out at rehearsals for a play he was in. The directors daughter was my friend, and we began talking. She told me that her dad was the best because he was the director and I told her that my dad was the best because he got to wear makeup!

I think what always interested me about makeup was it’s powers of transformation, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. Women in particular do not always have the best views about how they look, and enhancing their features and what makes them unique can help them to see their beauty that they may not have otherwise noticed. My philosophy with makeup has always been that it shouldn’t be a mask covering you up, but rather, when it’s done right, enhance your own features so that people see what makes you shine. I always think the best compliment about my work is “She looks great!” rather than “She’s got a lot of makeup on!”. The best artists’ know that the trick to good makeup is in the details and a natural look takes a lot more skill and technique than heavy looking makeup.

I have had clients tell me that I’m a “magician” with makeup (which is so sweet), but many of the tricks and techniques I have learned are also from years of practice and can also be taught. I started getting more and more requests for lessons, and I’ve started offering them at the studio. I love working one on one with clients for makeup lessons because they can really see how to apply some of these techniques at home and to their daily routine. I know there are so many beauty tutorials out there, showing women how to “change their features with contouring”, but any woman’s makeup map should always be their own face. Getting to know their own bone structure, features, and colors that complement their unique beauty is what we focus on in a private makeup lesson.

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