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Hey Mr. DJ, An open letter from wedding photographers, laser lights, DJ lighting, tips for DJ's

Hey Mr. DJ,

Being a great wedding DJ/Band is hard work! I don’t envy having the responsibility of making the party happen. Shoot, I get decision anxiety if I have to man my iPod when my friends come over for board games and drinks. We appreciate what you do!

We are so grateful for that packed dance floor! It helps us to capture how fun the reception really was. We are appreciative of you manning that ever-changing reception timeline. Oh, and we totally see you gracefully handling the father of the bride’s impromptu 10-minute toast. You go Glen Coco!

But there are a few things that we photographers wish you knew – a few trends that we should talk about so that we can collaborate even better. We’d love to let you in on a few things that will help us get even better pictures of the event!

1. Lasers lights show up in pictures

I totally love when DJ’s bring lighting, especially when it is clean lighting. When you do use lasers to set the mood of the party, please remember to turn them off during the formal dances. When the lasers reflect on our couples, it can make them look like they have some sort of weird skin affliction. No body wants that, amiright?

2. Encouraging guests to “Grab their cameras” seriously messes with us.

DJ’s will announce that the cake cutting is happening. Occasionally, they will also encourage guests to grab their camera’s and to crowd around the couple for the photo op. This can encourage guests to elbow us out of the way, or to put large iPads up in front of our cameras. Better yet, sometimes the iPad ends up right behind the bride and groom’s head. We are all about involving the crowd, but please, not like that!

3. Talk to me, talk to me bay-bay!

There is nothing we love more than a DJ who is willing to work with us on timeline. The photography and video team have a time that they are set to leave. It’s super awesome when a DJ asks us when our end time is, and makes sure the big events are done before that time. Extra double bonus points if you also check in with us before said big events to make sure we are ready to go!

That’s really it! You all seriously do kick some tail, and thank you for what you do. Thanks for hearing us out!


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